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X/ Blasters Poster

  • X/ Blasters Poster
  • X/ Blasters Poster

The poster is an illustration of pin-up model B DeVille holding a gold rose that is falling apart. Tattooed on her arm are the band members of X that 'she had loved'. Two names are crossed out. Judging by what she did to the tire of Billy's hot rod, Billy is gonna be crossed out soon too.

FOUR color/ limited edition posters of 140. The ink colors are metallic gold, red, skin tone, and a high gloss enamel black that jumps off of the page. Hand printed, signed and numbered by Spike (singer and guitarist of The Hula Girls). Since they are hand printed, all prints are subtly different. Printed on heavy cardstock.

You have to see the poster in person. Pictures don't do it justice. Size is 16"x20" and fits an easily found frame from any frame store.

These are sold direct from the artist. Posters are sold separately. Click the date to specify which one you would like. Or better yet, get both before they run out!