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Spike's Tiki Weirdo-land DVD compilation


Hey friends, Spike here... The Hula Girls have been playing the Dagger Bar at Don the Beachcomber for over 5 years now. After playing so many nights while seeing volleyball or soccer or something wholly unrelated to tiki on the TVs in there, I had finally had enough. I was gonna create a DVD that actually helped the ambiance in the Dagger Bar while we played, rather than detract from it.

My solution is one DVD, filled with 2 hours of wild and weird clips of hula girls, surfing, B-movie monsters, hot rods, pin-ups, vintage tiki bars, and vintage commercials. I photographed a bunch of tiki apartment complexes and bars/ restaurants and scoured the deepest corners of the web for odd and amazing midcentury film. The clips last between 4 and 8 seconds at a time. It's fast paced so that you'll stay glued to it!

The video has played in the Dagger Bar at Don the Beachcomber since early 2015, to great acclaim. It changes the feel of the room when it's playing. Fun, mysterious, bizarre...!

Recently, I decided to make this DVD available for purchase. I reedited it and added a bunch of new (old) stuff. I think you'll love this DVD for your own tiki bar or for background visuals at a party! Or hell, just put it on, pour yourself a Suffering Bastard and sit back and watch in amazement! Can't wait for you to see it!

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